Julie Hallows


Champion of Social Housing

Manchester, London, Johannesburg


Julie Hallows, as the Managing Director of Kevro Consulting (Pty) Ltd. and with over 25 years property management experience, offers a professional housing consultancy service to Government Organisations, Non-government Organisations (NGOs), Non-profit Organisations and Property Developers.



Julie’s specialist knowledge, skill and experience relates to urban Social Housing schemes…………….


…honed at the rock face in the cities of Manchester, London and Johannesburg.


Her specific experience includes:

project development and planning,

project management,

property maintenance,

budget management,

staff management,

credit control,

tenancy management.


Julie works with an underlying, determined, hands-on, skills transfer principle and a sound knowledge of the South African housing legislation, subsidy scheme and financial environment, gained over 8 years experience working in, with and for government.



Julie’s dream home is a beach shack on a tropical island, like this one in Zanzibaar >>>>>


In practical terms, Julie’s experience shows dreams turning into nightmares leaving families in the squalor of urban decay and squatter camps (informal settlements)….

 …. without electricity, water or sanitation


Against this background, Julie was the driving force behind the recently completed Brickfields new build project in Newtown (officially opened by President Thabo Mbeki) on behalf of the Johannesburg Housing Company and the Gauteng Department of Housing.


……… along with 7 other Presidential Job Summit Projects including the “Better Buildings” programme for the renovation of (from left to right) Rondebosch, Stanhope and Lake Success.


Whilst Julie finds hands-on projects creative, satisfying and rewarding, she is always mindful of the skills transfer purpose in her work and to this end has been involved in:

Ø      Project Management of Organisational Change and Review (Manchester, London, Johannesburg).

Ø      Capacity Building with new and emerging Social Housing Institutions (on behalf of Government in Manchester and Johannesburg) and most recently with the Johannesburg Social Housing Company (JOSHCO).

Ø      Coaching, skills transfer and mentoring schemes including “Mentoring for female staff members” (London), skills transfer on a one to one basis for 3 years to ensure that a South African staff member developed the ability to manage all the housing projects after her departure (Johannesburg)

Ø      Training needs analysis and coaching with up to 15 members of the social housing unit at Gauteng Province, South Africa.

Ø      Preparation of Business and Strategic Plans for public departments, institutions and for specific projects.

Ø      Skills and experience in serving as a Management Committee member of Refuges for women and children who have suffered from domestic violence.


Julie also has extensive skills and experience in Stock Transfer of Local Authority Housing, gained whilst transferring 10,000 housing units for London Borough of Tower Hamlets, to a Housing Institution that she had established specifically to receive and manage the stock.


Plus she has advised the City of Johannesburg on a proposed large scale stock transfer.


Julie is currently a Member of the KwaZulu Natal Housing Advisory Committee (HAC), tasked with providing advice on housing policy and projects to the Minister of Housing, the Honourable MEC Mike Mabuyakulu.


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